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Magnolia Hair & Day Spa

Spa Treatments

Organic Facials 


Magnolia (60/90 min. $70/$90) 

Experience pure organic elements of customized facial. This treatment gently removes dead skin cells with an organic enzyme - exfoliant that leaves your skin feeling resilient, nourished and fresh. 


Pure (60 min. $80) 

Deeply cleanse and rejuvenate your skin with the powers of a natural lactic acid yogurt peel. This customized organic facial treats each of your skins specific needs. 


Awakening (90 min. $130) 

Transform your tired skin into a glowing, revitalized appearance with this anti-aging, result oriented facial. Pure organic AHA and an herbal paprika treatment gently peel away dulling skin cells, detoxifying and leaving the complexion silky smooth. 


Glow (90 min. $110) 

Lighten and brighten your complexion with this regenerating, soothing facial. Designed to reduce the appearance of hyper pigmentation while firming and hydrating sun damaged skin. 


Balance (90 min. $110) 

Target the hormonal imbalances in your skin with this firming, anti-aging facial. will harmonize to bring your complexion to its optimal state. 


Clarity (90 min. $110 ) 

Control breakouts, calm and sooth your problematic skin with this gentle, yet effective treatment. This customized facial will help to clear your complexion without over drying or irritating. Recommend in a series for best results. 


Beautiful (60/90 min. $80/$100) 

Sit back and relax while this specially designed facial that deeply cleanses, smoothes and restores your skin. Leaving you feeling like a million bucks. 


Vitality (90 min. $100) 

Pep up your tired skin with this advanced peptide peel. The high concentration and diversity of peptides will stimulate the skins natural collagen, increase elasticity as well as tighten and firm your skin. 


Organic Quick Fix Peels  


(30 min./$50) 

Choose from one of these customized peels that will restore the texture and clarity of your skin, while giving you a renewed radiance. (These treatments are great on the go, but for optimal results are best done in a series.) 


*Glycolic Medley - glycolic acid peel, retextures and evens out pigmentation due to sun damage or age. 


*Yogurt Power Peel - A perfect cocktail of live enzymes, and Lactic acid to evenly exfoliate your skin.  


*AHA Peel – Made from natural fruit acids to enhance skins clarity, even pigmentation and fight the signs of aging 


Specialty Treatments 


Ultrasonic Lift (90 min. $150) 

Ultrasonic vibrations are used to exfoliate dead skin cells, increase blood circulation, aid in lymphatic drainage, and soften fine lines and wrinkles. While firming and lifting, it drives nutrients deep into the skin leaving you with an uplifting look. 


Microdermabrasion (30 min. $70) 

Blast away old, dead skin cells with this crystal tip Microdermabrasion that will leave your skin refined, and polished. Followed by a customized mask that will restore your skin with vitamins, hydration and nourishment. 


Ultrasonic Microdermabrasion (90 min/$200) 

Ultrasonic Microdermabrasion simply creates a youthful glow.  It can also be used to treat a wide range of skin problems including wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, flaking skin, acne scars, pigmentation, dry skin, age spots, and more.  The microcurrent signals can reach deep beneath the layers of the skin.   which will produce new cell production, and in turn tightening and toning the skin.  This is an amazing facial that I recommend to everyone. 


Micro & Magnolia’s (75 min. $135) 

This treatment includes the organic 60 minute Magnolia facial, along with the microdermabrasion treatment. 


Reiki (60 min/ $60) 

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. 


Waxing/Threading Services  


Face $30 

Chin $12 

Lip $10 

Underarm $15 

Bikini $30 

Brazilian $55 

Full Arm $35 

Half Arm $25 

Full Leg $60 

Half Leg $30 

Stomach $25 



Brow $15 

Nose $8 

Ears $10 

Back $50+ 

Chest $30 



Lash $25 

Brow $20 


Add On’s  


Any of these treatments may be used individually or combined with any facial or body treatment. 


Eye Repair (30 min. $40): 

Rest your tired eyes with the rich ingredients of apple to reduce puffiness, carrot to reduce fine lines, and sour cherry help with those dreaded dark circles. In this treatment we will use localized massage techniques to stimulate oxygen around the eye area making your eyes look wide awake. 


Foot Scrub (10 min. $15): 

Exfoliate your feet with one of our yummy sugar & salt scrubs. 


Organic Body Treatments 


All About the Back (60 min. $90): 

A revitalized treatment for the neglected skin of the back including cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and a detoxifying mask. This treatment will leave your back looking and feeling vibrant. 


Simply Smooth Salt Glow (30 min. $50) 

Utilizing a Pure Mineral Rich Sea Salt this spa experience combines a full body exfoliation with the comfort of warm towels. Sooth your overworked muscles with this warm, relaxing experience followed by a rich moisturizer to restore your skin. 


Organic Roses (90min $145) 

Be enveloped in organic roses! Begin with an organic body peel, followed by a hydrating application of an organic rose petal mask and a neck massage while wrapped in a rose cocoon. Finish with hot towel compresses and full body massage with our moisture rich rose lotion. 


Chocolate & Cherries (60 min $135) 

Let your mind and body melt deep into the table, while your entire body gets an all over exfoliation with the power of lactic acid. Following this all organic peel comes the lathering of a chocolate & Cherries mask for the body. The delicious smells of cherries, and Choocolate will over take your senses and leave your body nourished and revitalized. 


Magnolia Body Treatment (60 min $120) 

A relaxing yet intensive body treatment that addresses the visible signs of aging and dehydration. It’s multi-layer AHAs exfoliate and even out skin pigmentation and tone, while deeply hydrating. This treatment leaves the skin with a smoother, brighter look and feel. 


Mineral Make-Up 


Make-up Application : 60 min. $50 


Make-up Lesson : 90 min. $100 


Lash Extensions  


Full Set $150                                    2-3 Week Lash Fill $60                         Flirts $50 


Well-being Massages: 


30 Minute $50                               60 Minute $80                               90 Minute $110 



Organic Manicures & Pedicures 

Aromatherapy manicure (60min $45) 
uses a blend of aromatic herbs to soak, exfoliate, hydrate & moisturize. Enjoy a full manicure with choice of scent & massage. 


Aromatherapy pedicure (60min $65) 
uses a blend of aromatic herbs to soak, exfoliate, hydrate & moisturize. Enjoy a full pedicure with choice of scent & massage. 


Magnolia French manicure (60min $50) 

Magnolia French pedicure (60 min. $70) 


Hydrating manicure (60min $60) 
our aromatherapy manicure with a hydrating paraffin dip. 


Hand me a rose (60min $55) 
Includes an organic peel to remove dead skin, a silky rose mask to restore vitality, and a rose cream massage. 


Hydrating pedicure (90min $80) 
our aromatherapy pedicure with a hydrating paraffin dip. 


Winter pedicure (60min $65) 
Developed for the active winter athlete to restore and rebalance feet with exfoliation, heat and hydration.  


Walking on rose petals (90min $95) 
Unwind with the soft scent of organic roses. First exfoliate with a peel, followed by a stimulating foot mask and a rose cream massage. 


Gel Nails (60min $60) 

Fills (90min $60) 

Shellaque (60min $50 

Removal ($12) 


Packages  (For Two)


Organic Roses Getaway 

Begin with a 50-minute Roses All Over Body Treatment, followed by our Organic Roses Facial and finish with a Hand Me a Rose Manicure and a Walking on Rose Petals Pedicure. 

Price: $429 


Mother and Daughter (age 16+) 

Relax and bond in our Treatment Suite with side-by-side 60-minute Magnolia facials and 60-minute Well-being Massages, followed by Magnolia Manicures. 

Price: $624 


Gentleman's Day 

Gentleman's Custom Facial, 60-minute Magnolia Body Treatment, and a 60-minute Well-being Massage. 

Price: $406 


Magnolia Spa Day For One

60-minute Well-being Massage and a 60-minute Magnolia Facial. 

Price: $268


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